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About spoorthi

Spoorthi is the annual Techno-Cultural symposium conducted by the Department of ECE, JNTUHCEH. Started in 2004 as a Technical fest and right from its inception, it has received immense response from all over the state.
Spoorthi offers a platform for students to compete with their peers in myriad of events that test their mettle and knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Spoorthi tries to redefine innovation by adding more events every year to satisfy the enthusiasm of the participants.
Spoorthi'17 is going to be scaled-up to a large event, with huge crowd expectancy.    Read More

Form a basic concept of critical thinking, understanding in general why it is essential to the mastery of content and effective day-to-day problem solving, Spoorthi is here to help with its Workshops.    Read More

14 Years of legacy.

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