Spylock's Chamber

Event format

  • Round 1: Can you crack it?Day 1

    A great mind is capable of simplifying even the most complex puzzles. This round tests your ability to answer forensic problems, crack encrypted data or to simply apply logic within a stipulated time limit. Only the top teams will qualify for the next round.

  • Round 2: Analyze, Memorize and Summarize Day 2

    Crime scenes are cleaned up at early stages of investigations. In this round, your task will be to study a given sample crime scenes shown on slides for a short period, memorize and answer questions related to the scene. 5 teams will qualify for the Finale.

  • Finale:

    A true detective is ready to face unforeseen circumstances, as such the contents of this round shall not be disclosed until it begins.

    Exciting rewards award the winning teams
    Participation certificates wil be awarded to all teams

  • Rules and Regulations

    ✼Maximum 2 members per team.
    ✼Registration fee is Rs.200/- per team.
    ✼ Spot Registrations are Available.
    ✼Rules and Regulations will be informed prior to the inception of the event. Follow online updates to stay informed.
    ✼No mobile phone usage is permitted during the rounds.
    ✼Violation of any rule will lead to instant disqualification.

Are you a mystery-junkie?
Do you have a knack for unravelling secrets?
Or do you simply seek to test your aptitude at solving mysteries?

Look no further, as SPOORTHI, in association with TELANGANA TOURISM, presents the next edition of The Spylock's Chamber, returning with baffling mysteries, perplexing riddles and diverse mind-games. Summon your inner detective and suit up to be the Overlord of The Spylock's Chamber!

Registration Fee : Rs 200/- per team


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