21 mar
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About the event

An autonomous Line follower robot that can detect the track and follow the high contrasted black line drawn on the white surface. Generally,the path is predefined and it may have trajectory with curves, angles, broken lines at any point. Thus the robot should cross those points and find the dead end & stop there. 

Competition Tasks

Round 1:
☞Consists of basic track. Here the members are shortlisted based on minimum time and charted to next round.
Round 2:
☞Consists of complex circuit and also time taking. The two teams who completes the trace in minimum time are selected for the final round.
Round 3:
☞Competition starts for both finalized teams simultaneously and the one who reaches the destination first are the winners!

☞Each TEAM should have minimum of 2 & maximum of 5 participants (Participants can be from different colleges).
☞ Registration fee ₹ 500 for first two participants & ₹ 150 for third participant onwards.

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