Event format

  • This event consists of two rounds.

  • ROund 1Logical and simulation round

    ✼A task will be given to all the teams,on the basis of which the cicuit is to be interpreted using universal logic gates(NAND/NOR gates).
    ✼The teams whose interpreted circuit is correct will be allowed to simulate the circuit in multidimensional software.
    ✼The maximum time limit for this round is 90 minutes.


    ✼The same circuit has to be implemented on the hardware and those teams who could implement it correctly and quickly will declared as winner.
    ✼The maximum time limit for this round is 60 minutes.


    ✼Elimination process will be round wise.
    ✼All the participants will be given participation certificates from Spoorthi 2017,JNTUH.
    ✼Merit certificates will be given to top 2 teams.

  • Rules and Regulations

    ✼The contest is open to all students from ECE,EEE,CSE branches.
    ✼There can be a maximum of two members in a team.
    ✼To participate you need to give the details of registration transaction pay slip.Payment can be made in personal also.
    ✼Once your transaction has been verified, your participation will be considered.
    ✼Team should mention their full details during registration: Name of the participant,Department,Phone numbers,College etc
    ✼Winners are decided by the judges.
    ✼Decision of judges shall be final and binding.

"Tech gives the quietest student a voice." -Jerry Blumengarten

Digilogix is a great platform for enthusiastic engineers with basic knowledge in digital electronics to showcase their technical and logical skills.
In the event, participants will have to shoot against the time to rig up the circuit .

Registration Fee:
Rs 400/-


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